July Tailor was founded by Nui Sae Lui in 1939. In due course, the business was inherited by his third son Sompop Louilarpprasert, who is still running the business today. July Tailor is famous for the tailoring of suits and royal patterns with fine and delicate workmanship, and punctual delivery. This is why July Tailor enjoys the confidence of customers and was selected to be the tailor to the Thai royal family. Furthermore, July Tailor is popular with high-level government officials, politicians, and businessmen including foreign customers, particularly high level diplomatic officers, and overseas businessmen.

Its tailoring achieves the highest quality, meeting discriminating international standards. Use of fine cloths, lining materials, and accessories imported from Italy ensures comfort and perfect fit for the client. Hand stitching ensures excellent workmanship and the unique bespoke look of exceptional quality. Individual order work for each costumer is available and the shop also provides a design service for any specialized requirement.

Other than punctilious cutting and tailoring, with more than 60 years of experience, July Tailor also takes customers' needs into consideration and may recommend how best to dress compatibly with their personality and character.

Advice is offered on the selection of the right color for each occasion and how to maintain suits and clothing to prolong their lifetime. Also, the after sales service provides for care and attention of suits and clothing crafted by July Tailor throughout their lifetime.