During the APEC conference of 18-21 October 2003 hosted by Thailand , July Tailor received the trustworthiness endorsement from the government of Thailand to show to the world our elegant tailoring workmanship, as the creator of the long sleeved style royal pattern suits provided to the 21 APEC leaders and worn at this meeting.

The Royal pattern suit is the styling identity for Thai gentlemen, providing an elegant and functional style suitable for many occasions. This design features an upright edged collar, close body fit, wide facings around the edges, with five buttons and two side pockets. For Thai ladies the most popular style is the traditional Thai national costume.

July Tailor received this important opportunity from Dr. Surakiat Sathienthai, the minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who specified that July Tailor has the appropriate qualifications to be responsible for this significant assignment because of its fine and elaborate workmanship, punctuality, and exceptional experience extending for more than 60 years. Moreover, July Tailor enjoys the confidence and patronage of the Thai royal family, high government officers, politicians, and businessmen.